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Pray for Mozambique

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"Pray for Mozambique"

Cyclone Idai 'might be southern hemisphere's worst such disaster'

The devastating cyclone that hit south-eastern Africa may be the worst ever disaster to strike the southern hemisphere, according to the UN.

Cyclone Idai has swept through Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe over the past few days, destroying almost everything in its path, causing devastating floods, killing and injuring thousands of people and ruining crops. More than 2.6 million people could be affected across the three countries, and the port city of Beira, which was hit on Friday and is home to 500,000 people, is now an “island in the ocean”, almost completely cut off.

The official death tolls in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi are 200, 98 and 56 respectively. But these totals only scratch the surface; the real toll may not be known for many months as the countries deal with a still unfolding disaster.


Since our roots lay in Mozambique our family has decided to effectively lend a helping hand in the form of backing support via our own fundraising platform. The large media platforms aren't broadcasting the news (apparently it's not important enough) so let's create awareness and help the victims. This, in order facilitate the transportation of donated goods, clothing, medicines and conserved foods. 

Donating the goods is the first step. Making sure it gets where it belongs is a second, and arguably more important. We currently have collected enough supplies to fill up a sea container, but are aiming to fill up a second one. 

This GetFunded page has been created to level up the financial support. Funds are needed to pay for custom duties, shipping- and container costs. And obviously the more money we collect, the more supplies (water, medicines and food) we can purchase and add to supply donations that have already been made. 

For our Dutch followers; read the articles down below for a glimpse of our current aid operations of our family. 

Lastly. Thanks for reading this and giving us a few minutes of your day. 

With love, care and hope. 

Pray for Mozambique Support Team & Salt & Lemon


Please contact our head operation staff via [email protected] if more information is needed. Suggestions for other forms of support are most welcome. 

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