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Cyclone Idai

€ 1.425 van € 3.000 opgehaald
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A tropical cyclone has recently passed through Mozambique over the weekend of 15th of March and having the most of the affect impact in Beira city and its surroundings districts.

Just though there was awareness of the cyclone, the resulting damage of its passing was worse than expected and this has led to several infrastructure failure such as bridge collapse (so there is no access to Beira city by road), Power grid (no electricity to about 90% of the city), floods (inhabitable space for the families leading them to living out in the open). More than 200 people have been confirmed dead, hundreds more are missing and an estimated or 1.5 million people have been affected in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Rescue teams are still evacuating stranded victims in the rural areas. 

That was just a quick summary of the known damage from this cyclone. As things develop, we can know more about their needs and events and hopefully be ready to give a helping hand.

We are a network of people connected to Mozambique (one way or another), currently living in Europe and have created this fundraising link to collect all possible funds from our contacts, friends and family outside of Mozambique (we are based in Denmark and Holland) . The funds collected here will be donated to support the active organizations on the ground of this event in Beira and surrounding areas. Considering our location and the complicated logistics behind send physical support we believe financial contributions are the fastest and best way to make the support reach those in need down there. 

For those located in Mozambique and neighboring countries and who prefer to donate goods, please contact us as we know lots of organizations doing these collections and ensuring the donations reach the destinations. 

We are currently in contact with FHI360.org to cooperate with them and at the same time waiting to hear from other organizations to spread the reach and help.

PS if you have any questions about the team you are welcome to contact us one of our member on whatsapp +31621335903 or +31637300881 . We are ready to answer and questions about the donations, current situation etc !!!

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