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Preserving flora and fauna in Costa Rica!

€ 343 van € 1.500 opgehaald
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My name is Roald Sack,

and I am a student at the Aeres Applied Biology in Almere.

I'm going to Costa Rica with 12 other students and we will leave on 5 may and on 18 may i am back in the netherlands.

but this trip costs 1500 euro and I would like to ask you for your help to achieve this.

I want to show everybody how important nature and biodiversity is.

I will do this by making a movie.

And I need your help!

Please support me by donating and sharing this page with everyone.

this link is a link to a video where i will explain why i want to go and what i'm going to do in Costa Rica.



here is more information about Work With Nature:


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27 January 2019
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je bent een inspiratiebron voor anderen. Succes met je actie.

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Mooi doel! Heel veel succes toegewenst!

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Succes! het gaat je vast lukken!

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Fantastisch Roald, heel veel succes.

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Veel Succes Roald 👍

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Ik ga ervan uit dat je je doel haalt en naar Costa Rica kan gaan. Suc6

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Heel veel succes lieve Roald! X

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