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Humanitarian Aid For Orphans/Street Children and Vulnerable Households

€ 7.930 van € 8.500 opgehaald
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Imagine these scenarios:

You're in a restaurant for 20 people and 100 people including children are outside looking at you begging you for food or waiting to eat from your left over plate.

You just dropped off your child to school and you're told that 10 children are absent because 5 died of malnutrition and the others don't have food to eat.

You're coming out from the market and a women with tears is begging you to save her children because they have been living on salt and water for 3 days.

These are real events happening everyday in parts of Nigeria now! People are suffering and dying of hunger due to the economic malaise. 

As family, friends, colleagues and people of compassion, please support my effort in trying to bring solace to the vulnerable of the society expecially women and children. I want to provide foodstuffs to 200 households. For these people, it's a matter of life and death. No amount is too small. Please donate and save lives.

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Fadhil Lawal
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29 August 2023
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