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For Sofia, a Ukrainian Refugee

€ 1.686 van € 2.000 opgehaald
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Hi Everyone,

This past spring Dylan and I hosted a young woman named Sofia at our house for a few days. She fled her hometown of Kyiv to get away from the horrors of war. She sat on my couch in front of me and fell apart, sharing stories of what her life had become and stories shared with her from friends and family of other cities. She left behind her father, her friends, and her university studies. She is an extremely kind, caring, and bright girl. At 19 years old, she should be enjoying her life and be able to continue her studies to move into a field that she wants but she has been working hard to find a job. Since being with us she has gone through the formal refugee process with the Red Cross, been moved around, and even ended up back in Kyiv after being unsuccessful finding a job. Given her English skills, she was having a hard time, but she has finally secured a job in Brussels and is working towards a new life. 

Today she reached out to me asking for some help in buying a jacket as the fall is coming quickly and the weather is changing. Although she has found a new job (finally), she is only getting her first paycheck in October. Currently she is living with a host family but times are still tough. As difficult as her situation is, I decided to start this Go Fund Me to help her get on a feet. I understand that everyone has their own situation, but any donation amount is beyond appreciated. I set the goal at $2,000 but let's try to help her out as much as possible!

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19 September 2022
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