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Help Winifred get out of police custody

€ 510 van € 500 opgehaald
Deze campagne is beëindigd.
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Hello to you dear friend,

This campaign was started to help my friend Winifred get out of police custody in Bamenda Cameroon.

She was arrested by the police about 7 days ago because her national identity card had expired and she didn't have money to make a new one.

Now, because of the ongoing civil conflict in Cameroon she's been considered as a one of perpetrators of the conflict and is being treated as a criminal. The conditions in which she is now are very deplorable. She is in a cell with men and one of the girls in the same cell with her was raped just the other day. 

If she stays in the cell any longer, she'll be taken to prison without a fair trial since she cannot afford a lawyer.

She was asked to pay a bail of around €500 before she is released. Her father just died a few weeks ago, her mom is sick and cannot afford the money and her brother is on the run from the perpetrators of the ongoing civil conflict (they're targeting all youths who wouldn't join them)

Thank you very much for your support in getting Winifred out of this deplorable situation.

God bless you!

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Brigitte Carole KEUMATIO
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27 July 2022
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