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Creating a world where men and masculinity are valued and thriving!

€ 2.309 van € 7.500 opgehaald
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Support me creating a world where men and masculinity are valued and thriving!

Deep breath. I have never asked for support in this big way. 

There has to be a first time for everything, right 😉

My name is Deborah Scherz.

And I would love to ask you a favor!

I am passionate about supporting men, in bringing their gifts to the world fully. I bring my feminine power, love, clarity and presence. 

And help them finding purpose and leadership, as well as more fulfilling intimacy and relationships.

This is why I created my business, Serving Men, a few years ago. 

It’s been a deeply inspiring, beautiful and challenging journey to step up, and show myself in this fully. 

Unapologetically. Clear.

I bless men. Because I think and deeply believe, that men are wonderful. Healthy masculinity is needed in this world. 

And not always seen, honored and appreciated fully.

A lot of men struggle these days.

And while I do powerful work - using my background as a Circling facilitator + training in The Wheel of Consent - I know I need to study more.

I want to start a solid, 2 year coaching training: Women's Inner Leadership.

It will give me the chance to become an accredited coach.

To serve my clients better, by having clear maps of human development, of trauma, of sexuality.

However, I have been dealing with chronic health issues for many years.

I have CFS - chronic fatigue syndrome. As well as being mercury + lead toxic. 

My symptoms make it impossible for me to work a lot, and the treatments I am doing are quite expensive. 

I am simply not able to work to afford this training - while also dealing with my health and studying. The study will take quite a bit of time and energy.

I am positive that I will get my health back though, my detox is going well and I am clearly improving! 😄 

The past months, my energy and mental clarity have been better than they were in years… Fingers crossed, in a few years I will be fully fit.

This is why I am gathering my strength, and asking my community for support.

If you feel open to it, I would appreciate any donation you feel comfortable giving - big or small. ❤️

The training costs 5760 euro's. 

Next to that, I also want to invest in making a professional website for my practice, this summer. 

And this platform I am using for the crowdfunding will take a % of the donations I receive. 

This is why the total amount I would love to raise, is 7500 euro’s.

Writing this - that seems totally crazy :-D Yet I am taking a chance here, taking a leap of faith, and find out what’s possible.

It would mean the world to me if you can support me with this dream of mine.

With love and gratitude,


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