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Amsterdam Kirtan Mela 2020 Fundraiser

€ 762 van € 2.500 opgehaald
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Join us on the 2nd of May in Amsterdam for 10 hours of Kirtan!!

On this event we will all assemble in Amsterdam to experience a great and profound Kirtan with great kirtaniers as Manu Prabhu, Surabhi, Ramanaji, Janmasthami, Krishangi Lila and many more to be confirmed.

This event is organized by ISKCON Amsterdam.

To give as many as people access to this kirtan experience we make the Tickets FREE and include Prasadam for lunchtime and dinner. Please subscribe here to get your free ticket to the event.

The event is funded by Donations to cover the cost for the location, prasadam, travel cost of kirtaniers, logistics and marketing to spread the holy names of the Hare Krishna Mantra. Please help us with your kind donations via this website. We thank you very much for your attendance and kind donations.

Please all help to support this this great kirtan event with us!

All glories to A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Praphupada!

Your servants,

The Organization Committee of ISKCON Amsterdam,
Nilambara Das, Raghava Pandit Das and Bhakta Ron

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2 February 2020
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