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Lyme disease

€ 1.980 van € 20.000 opgehaald
Deze campagne is beëindigd.
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I have been diagnosed with Lyme disease. I have neuroborreliosis, with unbearable arthritis pain.

As it wasn't discovered in time and left untreated for several years, it become neurological.  It has affected my short-term memory, my vision, my hearing, joints and nerves. 

I need the money to follow a lyme treatment in Germany. I have tried many other alternative and regular treatments and nothing has helped.

The treatment at St. Georg in Germany (Hyperthermia) ) is the only thing that can still help me. It's a very expensive treatment around 20.000 euros.

I want to live, and get my normal life back . 

 Thanks a lot for your help and support. 

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20 November 2019
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