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Please help me so I can stay with her

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Hello everyone, 

Thank you for reading my story!  

My name is Nia, and I've just turned 6 years old. 

When I was 10 weeks old I moved out of my parents place and moved in with Susan. We have been inseparable since the day we met and are best friends forever.

Last year Susan started a dating a guy, who I really liked at first, but it wasn't long after he came to live with us that he changed into a mean and controlling person. He would make her cry with the things he said and did, and often even get so angry he would physically hurt her. 

He also didn't want us to leave the house together anymore to do fun stuff and this made us very sad, cause we both absolutely love exploring the outdoors and have spent lots of our free time camping, swimming, walking and chasing things. 

But now we had to spend most of our time in our bedroom, cuddling and watching TV together.

Susan cried pretty much every day and she was scared a lot. Especially when he was in the house. There were many days she was so scared she couldn't stop shaking and sometimes she looked like she wasn't able to breathe anymore. I would help Susan by staying by your side and I would lay next to her until she would come down.

During this time her belly started to get bigger and something even started moving in there. She explained to me that there was a baby in there and I was going to be an auntie! I was really excited cause I’m great with kids, but unfortunately we were far from happy…. 

The following months we thought about running away together every day, but Susan said she was to afraid that he would find us and would hurt her even more. So we stayed and Susan got more and more depressed and had a lot of anxiety attacks.

One day we all went for a drive and when we stopped Susan grabbed my collar and leash and we ran into a storage where we sat all day and waited until it was dark. Susan was crying and shaking most of the time, while she gave me cuddles and told me things would be ok. We could hear him calling our names and knew he was looking for us, but we were quiet and didn't respond. 

When we finally left our hiding spot we didn't have much with us. Just a few clothes and my food & blanket, but we didn't have any money, her bankcard,  a phone or place to go. 

 I didn't mind though, cause we finally were spending a couple of days outdoors again, walking around and sort of camping together and we could go wherever we wanted to go to. 

We never went home after those days, but instead spend the following 2 weeks having sleepovers at all these friendly and helpful people we met until we got offered a house for just the two of us through DV connect, (Domestic Violence organisation)  far away from where we used to live.

Susan told me they call this place a women shelter and I quite love it here to be honest. because we are safe again and there are other women and kids I can play with.

Susan’s belly has gotten really big and I'm a super excited bout the baby being born. Shouldn't be long now! But I'm also very sad, because Susan has to go back to have the baby in the country where she lived before she came to Australia, because she is still in danger and very afraid that this guy will find us.

Susan can't afford a flight for me as well and she has been laying in bed a lot again crying cause she doesn't want to go without me, but she has to go for the baby and herself. She wakes up all the time at night and is tired and anxious. It's not the same pain and sadness like when she was with this guy. This pain doesn't leave bruises and doesn't show scars. It's pain and sadness from her heart breaking because she needs me. Cause I am a big support for her and help her with her anxiety and depression. 

So please help me raise money so I can follow Susan and help her, because she needs me.

We would love to start a new life with great adventures together. I can help her when my nephew is born. Cause I am very gentle, patient and sweet, and I love kids so everyone always tells me I would be a super aunt.

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