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We need a cool smoke machine

€ 163 van € 273 opgehaald
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We need this cool smoke machine to make our gigs even more fire than they already are, yes this is possible. Everyone knows that smoke machines make everything more fun and this one even has a cool light in it.  So help ya Kleng boys out.
What exactly will we use it for you ask?
Well, we had this idea where we place the machine behind us, to make it look like smoke/fire is coming from the back. This will look really cool. We want to work more on our performance visually and make props and stuff.
We might also use it for videoclips, it's likely that we will do a video for our upcoming EP. (Yeah, there's gonna be an EP at some point.)
Thanks for the donations up 'till now! You guys are great!

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2 January 2019
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Zie dit maar als dat kerstkado dat je nooit krijgt 😂😜❤️

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Waar rook is is vuur. Jullie zijn al vuur nu de rook nog 🔥🔥

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Very cool band, most likely the best live act ever. Would give them all my money but then I wouldn't be able to afford the ticket to their show.

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Een rookmachine is ook cool voor film, dus die wil ik in de toekomst misschien wel eens van jullie lenen.

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