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Help me raise money for the Sepsis charity!

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This year we will participate in the New Year's swim on the Isle Of Man. For the van der G's this will be the second time, but this year is special because Koen (my boyfriend) will swim for the first time. And to make it an even more special experience, we will swim for charity. This charity is meaningful for our family because our uncle Lenny has dealt with the potentially life-threatening complication of an infection called Sepsis (also known as blood-poisoning) when he was younger.

Uncle Lenny has and still is always making time for others, busy with organizing events on the Island and just being there as a friend, brother and uncle. Also raising money himself for charities by swimming multiple swims every New Year's.

Now it is time for someone to do something for him and that's why I wanted to start this gofundme; to surprise my uncle for all his hard and good work over the years. But I can't reach my goal alone, so that's why I would like to ask my friends and family to support me by raising money for this meaningful charity to surprise my amazing uncle with an hopefully amazing donation I hope to give him this Christmas.

*fun fact; If I reach my goal before Christmas I will swim two New Year's dips!

*But I will swim all four of the organized New Year's dips if I reach even more than my actual goal!

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27 October 2018
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Groetjes Lars

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The legend that is Lenny Conroy deserves this donation

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Om het af te ronden! Way to go!

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Go Tahlia

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Hey lief ex-collegaatje! Succes aan jou, je familie en je vriendje!! xxx

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Het is maar 5 euro maar er zit een groot gebaar achter

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Zet ‘m op Tahlia en Koen!

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