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Dance movie 🎥

€ 1.545 van € 1.500 opgehaald
Deze campagne is beëindigd.
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My Dear Generous Patrons,

10000000000 Times Thank You 

What a journey was it to make this project come true, because of you all....

We were able to make it. And to make it even better than planned :) 

So much love gives us power and energy. And also a belief after such a hard corona time. Where we are not able to be live with each other in the Dance hall . But start to dance in our living room. Was horrible not having the freedom to dance and to express , you had always in mind that there is the lamp or the back of the sofa.. But so happy we are able to come again together.. and then starting this project to give us the feeling we are alive again. And be able to create something together. Where we can grow from both sides, my students, me and even you. Because of your Generous Sponsor. 

We were able to create this piece. 

We wanted really to thank you out of the deepest point of our hearts, 

Really it was so a surprise how fast this travel went,

But we made it on Sunday 19 and we started our new film . 

In an amazing special location, later some more info about it..

I just want to send you a small preview.

We will keep you updated.. And when the movie is there I would send you the invite so see the product we made.

Really one more… Thank you all so much for your belief, You really did something special to this group.

Kindly Greetings,

Ken Bridgen 

I everybody my name is Ken Bridgen and every Sunday I’m Teaching modern/contemporary dance by a Private dance school. For the developing of my students, is it so important to make a movie together. With different kind of elements,

- Alone

- Sad 

- Anger 

- Lost 

To overcome all those shadows in life we to go true different kind of levels. And you would be able to see this also in the movie . Where 11 dancers set on a loneliness place . Where the age is between 15/61 

Where everything is away .And you are the last persons in the world , where  Every person speak his own language. How do you can understand each other ? That’s the biggers question. Just to feel to listen to the feeling inside your belly. It would be a movie where you can see the pain and the emotion comes together. And brings you to a beautiful end. 

This movie would be 13 min and would be publicly on YouTube, Instagram etc 

I would love to make this . But that we don’t get any support from the dance club where we are training. I would love to do it like this way.

So I would be able to make our dream True. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you will support our Group. 

More information contact me on instagram 


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