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Water well Somalia

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Nearly 10,000 -15,000 children and women bear the daily burden of spending three to four hours per day just searching for water. Once they find water that often is unsafe for drinking or cleaning, they fill their Jerry cans with it and spend another hour to hour and a half carrying it back home. For a family of four, this water lasts one day and is only enough for drinking and cooking. There is no water left for showering, sanitation, or watering their animals. This water causes many diseases.

Long-Term Impact

Every year, for every 1,000 children born, 300 may die from diseases, such as diarrhea, associated with unclean drinking water. When we work together, families in Somalia can enjoy safe water and we can save lives! When droughts hit, villages that have deep water wells can grow gardens and lessen droughts' impact on local food supplies. A reduction in time carrying water has been found to increase school attendance and access to education that influences children's lifelong well-being.

We want to use the water project to form a long-term solution to water scarcity. People don't have to travel long miles for water and get cleaner water. Many diseases are prevented, children can go back to school and the time they previously had to spend fetching water can be spent on education. This gives the poor residents a glimmer of hope.

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Dunya Alizadi
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2 April 2022
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