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Please Help me with my last bills so Macho can come home

€ 660 van € 1.000 opgehaald
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Sadly Wednesday 10-11-2021 i had euthanasie, i was a really young dog of 1 year. But i was in a lot of pain so my mom let me go so i don't have to be in pain anymore. 

I have it really though with Macho's lost... Macho wasn't just a dog for me, and not only like a child for me. He was my savior. I had depression and i have PTSS and I am a recovering addict. (Yes on a young age). So when Macho was born, and when we found each other, Macho kept ne save and he was there so i will stay on the right path. So we took a good care of each other and get a really good bond. I am so heartbroken that macho is not with me in this live anymore. But i am trying my best to keep doing everything right.

Now i had some bad news, my payments will stop, i was in a illness law but my payment will stop next week. I want to work but I'm still in the process to fight and learn how to handle my PTSS. I am gonna start a Trauma treatment soon. That means it isn't sure if i can work before the treatment, that can take 2 or 3 months from this point, i am on a waiting list. That means Because my payment will stop for now, i am in a difficult position with the costs of a cremation and my bills.

I REALLY wanna get Macho cremated and in a beautiful urn, and the rest of the as i want to take home too. ( i have a box with a statue, it contains things from Macho's birth. But Macho still have to be cremated...  I choose a really beautiful candle holder, Macho's ashes will be put in the candle holder. But the bills of all of it together from second opinion till cremation are getting higher and higher)

I've already borrowed money from people to pay for the vet, second opinion and the euthanasia. I don't want to get myself further into debt... 

Can you please help me out a little bit, so that i can pay the cremation and bring Macho's as home in that beautiful candle holder and to get me out the debt that i am in? 

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14 November 2021
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