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Palu & Donggala

€ 181 van € 1.000 opgehaald
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Hey everyone! 

I am trying to raise money for the relatives and victims who were effected by the tsunami in Palu & Donggala. 

The money that will be donated will be used to buy water, food, tents and other primary needs. 

What The Money Will Be Used For:



Instant Noodles


Infant Formula

Baby Food

Female Hygiene Products

Tarps (to be used for tents)

I can assure you that the donated money will be  used to the needs of the victims, since i will be heading to Sulawesi myself next week & will buy the supplies myself with all the donated money. 

I will work together with SR also known as “Sedekah Rombongan” (one of the non profit helping organisations) who is active since the beginning with helping the victims and trying to provide primary needs to those who need it which offcourse are a lot!   

They will transport all the supplies and provide it to the effected victims of the tsunami in Palu & Donggala. 

Please, don’t think that you can’t make a change because i am convinced that every small gesture makes a big difference!!! 

Sharing is caring ❤️ 

God bless you all 🙏🏼

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