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€ 2.615 van € 4.000 opgehaald
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Seven years ago, I left the Netherlands with my life savings to venture into livestock and tomatoes farming in Africa. Cattles and goats has always been my passion and wanted to go into what makes me happy.

In addition, I started a local community charity organisation where I cater for street children, orphans and widow. I have been able to provide food and clothings and shelter to them with the support of cycle of friends. 

Business was going fine and I was helping the community. Then last year, COVID-19 struck. It had an immense negative effect on my business. Due to lockdown i was not able to transport my vegetables and they got rotten. The truck transporting my cattles for delivery to clients got raided by angry mobs. I lost 90% of my capital and I have had it rough. I have not been able to visit my family in The Netherlands for lack of funds. I really miss them and want to visit if my business is going ok.

Kindly help me get up to restart my business please. Every support is appreciated.

Thank you!

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Fadhil Lawal
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10 August 2021
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