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€ 3.860 van € 6.000 opgehaald
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Dear friends, lover of the store, collectors, dancers,...

We've very bad news. The ceiling of the shop came down the night from Saturday to Sunday. Including liters of water. How this could have happened remains a mystery to us. Experts are doing their best to determine the cause!

Besides the fact that the ceiling is on the floor,our collection is soaked, record players and mixers are dead. Our entire back-stock has turned into a big slurry of cardboard and records. The stock of merch is to be thrown away. The steel has started to rust, the paint is coming off the walls, the concrete floor is cracked from the moisture. It's not looking good right now, but we're not giving up!

We're afraid of the future, but we're looking forward to it! Together with you we can do more than we could ever do! We're sorry to have to bring this news. We're sorry to have to ask for your help, but we've to because we want to keep going!

So anyone who can miss a euro or more, donate it through our crowdfunding platform. Do you have records that you never play or a record player or mixer? Let us know because we could use all the help! Do you have a great idea to help us? Don't hesitate and contact us!

Thank you for the love,

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14 June 2021
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