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Going to the University

€ 5 van € 6.000 opgehaald
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Hello everyone, I hope you are very well.

My name is Stella Silvestre, I am a Physical Education Teacher, and Emerging Writer, you can find more information about me at: stellasilvestre.com

I am residing in Holland with my boyfriend, after selling all our things in Latin America, in search of a better quality of life. We are currently in the job search process, and surviving on our savings.

Yesterday I received the magnificent news that I was accepted into  "University of Europe for Applied Sciences" to do a master's degree in Smart City. Unfortunately, the payment date is very close, and we do not have the necessary resources to pay it.

I have fought a lot to get to this, and I would not like to have to lose the opportunity to study, and then give the world my support through a sustainable economic model.

I cannot work here in the Netherlands, because I am under a student visa, and that has not allowed me to generate income.

 I have a published novel called "Naiara the Lost Legion And The Tree Of Life", but here people do not speak Spanish, and more about the pandemic I have not been able to publicize or sell my copies. I also have a children's story called "The Green Princess", but the boxes are in Spain, because we still don't have a fixed address with my boyfriend, and we can't transport them until we have one.

If I manage to collect the necessary money, to pay for the first semester of the university that begins in September, I promise to donate the equivalent amount of books to educational institutions, where I will name all the people who helped me.

For the second semester of the University, surely we will be better and I will be working, and be able to pay what I have left of the master's degree.

I know it's a lot to ask, but I really appreciate your help, and I promise to do my best to fulfill this project, and one day is able to give back to the world all that it has given to me.


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18 May 2021
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