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Save the Community House

€ 2.055 van € 10.000 opgehaald
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Esteemed Compatriot and Friend,

Greetings to you! it is my belief that you and your family are well. On behalf of the Executive Committee, I found it necessary to share with you the challenge at hand and the potential threat that lies ahead of us.

At the beginning of last year, we took a bold but logical decision to migrate our community house to a more spacious location. This shift as you all know coincided with the COVID-19 outbreak. What started out as 2 weeks of combative restrictions gradually evolved over the year and until now, we remain in a lockdown with curfew.

Despite the predicament, we still managed to maneuver through the tides the whole of 2020, thanks to our past financial discipline. Honestly, with no change in fortunes, there is no way we are going to keep hold of the community house in 2021 and beyond.

With your generosity, this alert can be contained. Thus, I call you upon to find the need to donate towards securing the Uganda house.

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12 April 2021
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