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contribute to the Art Work that determines if I graduate in 2021

€ 355 van € 800 opgehaald
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Hi there! Today is my birthday!
I a Fine Art student in my 4th year who is trying to get my bachelor's diploma in 2021 at HBO, Minerva Art Academy Groningen NL

To get there I will need to pass 2 exams, first and foremost I will have to present my work in February 2021 at The Greenlight exhibition which will be held at herestraat 72 Groningen and Online!

The Greenlight exhibition will be my first assessment and gives me the "green" light or" red" light which will determine if I graduate in 2021 and participate in the 2021 Graduation show.

Due to covid Income is hard to come by and up to this point, I have using my savings and I need a bit more to reach my goals. Your contribution will be used to help me buy materials, merch, ink, promotion, and all the necessities I need for my Greenlight Exhibition, and what is left will be used for my Graduation show art piece which is the goal! 

Everything helps, no matter how big or small your support is always appreciated. 

Thank you for your support and you believe in me! 
See my work on my website: https://www.roslynschwengle.com/
and follow me on Instagram: roslyn.schwengle 

Roslyn Schwengle. 

p.s If you want to know more about the Greenlight exhibition I am organizing with some other talents Check out the go fund me: https://getfunded.nl/campagne/13252-greenlights-2020 

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3 January 2021
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