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Mom's wig (and other cancer related costs)

€ 5.295 van € 4.000 opgehaald
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As some of you might know, my mom was diagnosed with chronic Non-Hodgkin lymphoma cancer.

Because of this she will have to go through chemo therapy and immunotherapy, which will make her hair fall out.

Because she has a chronic kind of cancer, it will come back, we just won't know whether that's in one year or ten. This is why we are investing in a personalized wig, made of real human hair, and possibly also eyebrow tattooing/microblading. 

It would mean a lot to me and my family if you could help us raise enough to fund these things. Mom's hair has always been her pride, and losing it is very traumatic. Every little bit helps!

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Shanna Zwart
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4 December 2020
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