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Rey’s Surinamese Foodtruck (Mix Dishes)

€ 545 van € 5.000 opgehaald
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Hey there fellow students, professors, neighbors, foodies. 

As we all know Uni life has started again. We can already see hundreds of bikes parked again and students from all over the world walking over our beautiful campus. It seems like everything is back to normal but have you recognized something is missing?

The Surinamese food truck that has always been standing at Dante building offering fresh and homemade food with lots of extra love and smiles is apparently still struggling in the corona break.

Rey is part of our campus and he was offering his service out of pure philanthropy. He was more than just a regular foodtruck. His place was always a place where people of different cultures and backgrounds came together and everybody was met with unconditional positive regard. Furthermore he always put in extra effort to serve fresh and healthy ingredients which were still offered for an affordable price. 

As we all know, this pandemic has been a very rough time for small businesses like his. I believe that it is in our responsibility as a campus community to help someone, that has been doing good for us, to get back on track with his business. He should be able to offer his fair priced and handmade food at our campus again. 

I am asking everyone that ever walked past this food truck and noticed how much love this special place provides to our campus, to contribute a few euros and help him to reopen as soon as possible. 

All the money donated will be transparent and given to Reys mix dishes foodtruck. @https://www.mixdishes.nl/

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Leon Dieterich
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2 September 2020
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